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Baby otter rescued from Arizona Canal by SRP crew

(Twitter photo/@SRPconnect)

A trio of employees with energy provider SRP rescued a baby otter from a canal last month when it was struggling to climb out of the water.

The Arizona Canal, which begins at the Granite Reef Dam near Mesa, runs through much of the Phoenix area. Workers noticed the four-week-old and lent it a helping hand, according to SRP’s website.

The company says the crew got in touch with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, which gave the otter to Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center, a Phoenix-based wildlife rehabilitation and rescue facility.

“The otter was dehydrated, starving and infested with fleas,” SRP’s post read. “Game and Fish wildlife staff cared for the otter and fed it a trout mash mixed with kitten’s milk, which has the appropriate nutrients.”

The baby animal’s condition improved, and Adobe gave it over to Out of Africa Wildlife Park.

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