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Arizona Game and Fish: Stop calling about mangy coyotes

A coyote with mange is shown. (Twitter Photo/@ElissaABC7)

PHOENIX — The Arizona Game and Fish Department has a message for those who are calling in about coyotes with mange: Please stop.

Mark Hart with Game and Fish said Friday that the agency has received dozens of calls about the animals, but there is little that can be done about them.

“We just want the general public to understand this is a common occurrence in coyote populations,” he said. “There’s not much we can do about it in way of treatment.”

Mange is a contagious class of skin diseases caused by mites that causes animals to have a thin or patchy coat. Some animals can lose most of their hair. At least one type can be spread to humans.

Hart said people who are worried about their pets should keep their animals on a leash and be sure they have updated shots. Even then, an instance of a coyote attacking is very rare.

“While they may look scary to some people, coyote bites in the state of Arizona are rare — perhaps on average one per year,” he said. “It’s usually this time of year, as they’re having pups.”

While it may seem like an easy option, Hart said getting rid of coyotes — healthy or not — is a challenge.

“Removing coyotes is quite difficult,” he said.

KTAR’s Ashley Flood contributed to this report.


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