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Johnny Depp surprises Disneyland guests on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride

We always knew that Disneyland was a magical place, but we didn’t realize it was this magical.

Johnny Depp brought his “Pirates of the Caribbean” character, Captain Jack Sparrow, to life for some lucky Disneyland guests on Wednesday.

As guests traveled through Disneyland’s Pirates in the Caribbean floating attraction, they were delightedly puzzled when they spotted a real-life Sparrow among all the other animatronic pirates.

Depp, in full costume, interacted with the stunned guests while they went throughout the ride, then surprised them again on the balcony outside of the ride.

The stunt acted as a little promotion for the franchise’s upcoming film, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” which is set to premiere on May 26.

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