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Jazzy air: Kenny G serenades passengers on flight to raise money for charity

There is a time and a place for smooth jazz — no, really.

And a planeful of passengers recently donated for the pleasure of hearing saxophonist Kenny G serenade them.

The musician was on a Delta Airlines flight from Tampa to Los Angeles over the weekend when a passenger asked him to play a little something. After Kenny G learned the woman’s daughter had recently died of brain cancer, he said he would play, but for a price:

The rest of the plane had to raise $1,000 for Relay for Life, a group of annual walks that serve as the main fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

A passenger told WFTS-TV that the flight raised nearly double the amount needed and Kenny G took to the aisle with his saxophone in hand.

Plenty of people whipped out their phones to capture the moment and it appeared the musician took his time moving through the plane to give everyone a good shot.

Both the airline and Relay for Life thanked the musician on Twitter.

Well played, Kenny G. Well played.

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