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Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald launches travel company for millennials

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PHOENIX — Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is known for scoring touchdowns and traveling to exotic locales.

With his new travel company, he hopes to help millennials score trips they’ll remember forever.

The 10-time Pro Bowler launched Nomad Hill last year, a company that arranges and books vacations that offer unique experiences. Fitzgerald opened the business with a partner, David Jones, who is a shareholder in luxury travel company Ker & Downey.

“The travel industry, especially in the high end, has left the millennial to themselves because they don’t know how to deal with them,” Jones told Conde Nast Traveler.

“It’s a diverse population. It’s not just about going on a tour. It’s about experiences.”

Nomad Hill offers scheduled trips. Some let travelers take photo safaris or taste the cuisine of New Zealand while others focus on trying to reel in a rare fish in Scotland.

It also offers planning services in numerous countries across six continents.

Jones said the customized trips take inspiration from Fitzgerald’s own travels.

“So many guys, when they get fame, they just want to party and go crazy,” Jones says. “Larry likes to have a good time, but he also really plans so that he can travel to places where people don’t know him, and where he can really pursue his passion and learn.”

Sabodala Senegal with women who do mining by hand – break up rock and sift for gold #travel #senegal

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Fitzgerald, who has been to 93 countries so far, sometimes takes fellow NFL players along with him to experience the world.

He met with a reclusive Siwa family while in Egypt with former teammate Andre Roberts and helped Ethiopian farmers solve irrigation issues with former teammate Anquan Boldin.