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Number of registered voters slips to 3.6M over three months in Arizona

(AP Photo)

PHOENIX — The number of registered voters in Arizona has declined by nearly 10,000 in just three months, according to Secretary of State Michele Reagan’s office.

According to numbers released on Monday, Arizona currently boasts 3,636,504 registered voters. This is a decrease of 9,618 registered voters since the numbers were last updated in January.

Of the 3,636,504 registered voters, 1,259,406 are registered as Republican, 1,102,169 are Democrats and 1,235,911 have no party preference.

In a press release, Reagan said the decrease in enrollment was a “common result after each election cycle.”

“Our counties do a great job to ensure the integrity of our voter registration lists is current and up-to-date,” Reagan added.

In the November 2016 general election, 2,661,497 voters participated across the state, out of 3,588,466 total registered voters in Arizona.

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