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Teen starts GoFundMe to buy grandparents’ Arizona home

(GoFundMe Photo/Bryson Williams)

As two homeowners are said to be no longer able to afford their Arizona home, a 15-year-old named Bryson has come to their aide by fundraising on GoFundMe.

The teen, who said on the GoFundMe page that he’s from Massachusetts, explained that his grandparents live in the home and are full-time caretakers there for his great-grandfather. Bryson said the home was built in 2003 but had to be rebuilt in 2005, after an electrical fire.

“Recently my grandfather had knee replacement surgery and can no longer work in his field of expertise,” Bryson wrote. “Without that income they can no longer pay for their home and have had to put their home up for sale.”

The young man wrote about his visits to Arizona from Massachusetts with his brother, especially for Christmas with the family.

“Overall I want to save my grandparents from having to move away from friends, family, and leave behind their home and the memories we’ve made here,” he added. “I would deeply appreciate any and all help for me to buy my grandparents home so they may stay here with their friends and family and we can continue making memories.”

As of Saturday afternoon, the campaign had raised over $6,000 in six days, but has a goal of $250,000. Visitors and contributors wrote words of encouragement on the page.

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