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Bill Nye provides his own quirky insight on science questions over Twitter

Bill Nye has been around a long time, but he still hasn’t lost his touch when it comes to connecting to an audience while teaching them about science.

In a series from WIRED that has included episodes like Gordon Ramsay answering cooking questions from Twitter, the new installment has Nye answering science questions from the social media platform.

Nye’s quirky personality shines through the video while also providing a great amount of insight, such as his take on why global warming isn’t being taken so seriously.

I’m thinking now that it’s cognitive dissonance. This is a real effect, where people have a certain world view, they’re confronted with evidence which conflicts with the world view, so they have dissonance, conflict in their minds. What’s generally done instead of changing your world view, which you may have held your entire life, you dismiss the evidence and along with that you dismiss the authorities that may have provided the evidence.

Now, while those breakdowns are great and all, it’s a lot more fun to hear Nye read out a tweet that includes and upside-down smiley emoji or when he answers a question about cloning extinct species by simply stating, “I think it would be cool.”