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Lake Havasu City wins $2 million for community revitalization plan

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PHOENIX — Good plans can go spoiled if there aren’t necessary means to back them, but that won’t be the case in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

The city won $2 million for coming up with a solid community revitalization plan, and now they will get to put what they came up with into action.

Lake Havasu City entered into America’s Best Communities (ABC) competition in 2015 with their plan called Visions 20/20, hoping to take home the grand prize of $3 million. They took second instead, which won them $2 million. Huntington, West Virginia, won the whole competition.

According to the city, their plan focused on five pillars for change: economic development and job creation, education and talent supply, tourism and place development, water, and community engagement.

The city also said that the Vision 20/20 team co-hosted a viewing party for the announcement with many local citizens attending it.

ABC had $10 million for its campaign to inspire small towns and cities, they said. As towns and cities advanced in the rankings of the competition, they were awarded amounts of $50,000 and $100,000, depending on how far they got.

About 350 communities entered the competition, according to Frontier.

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