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Intel flips the switch on largest solar carport in Arizona

(Intel Photo)

PHOENIX — A technology giant has flipped the switch on Arizona’s largest solar carport, which is now in operation in Chandler.

The 30,000 solar panels will general 7.7 megawatts of energy for the Intel building near Dobson and Ocotillo roads, which could power 1,100 average U.S. homes for a year.

“We have no intention of trying to get away from our utilities, but when we put these on our property, we do get a little more control,” Marty Sedler, Intel’s director of global utilities and infrastructure, said. “We get to control our costs.”

Employees benefit will benefit from the panels as well.

“When you get in a cooler car, it means you run your air conditioner less,” Sedler said. “And if you can run your air conditioner a little bit less? That means you’ll save on fuel.”

The solar carport is part of Intel’s commitment to cleaner energy.

“In 2009, [Intel] decided that we needed to take more action, direct action, on our utility supplies,” Sedler said. “We started a program called our Alternative Energy Supply Program that is putting on-site projects that are greener in the grid.

“We have 60 projects installed globally … We’re using 14 technology applications, and it’s in over 12 states and countries. This is one piece of that overall program.”

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