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Wireless company AT&T invested $575M in Arizona internet services from 2014-2016

(AP Photo)

PHOENIX — In an effort to provide its customers in Arizona with faster and more reliable internet service, AT&T invested nearly $575 million from 2014 to 2016, the company said Wednesday.

In a press release, AT&T said the company invested nearly $575 million in both wireless and wired networks in Arizona over a three year time period.

The money was used for adding new cell sites and adding network capacity to existing cell sites, the company said.

The investments, AT&T claimed, drove a “wide range of upgrades to reliability, coverage, speed and overall performance” for its Arizona customers, as well as enhanced “critical services that support public safety and first responders.”

Jerry Fuentes, president of AT&T Arizona, said the company will continue to invest in the state’s internet services after state Gov. Doug Ducey signed House Bill 2365 into law in early April. The bill “streamlines” the deployment of 5G wireless communication.

Arizona became the first state to pave the way for this type of wireless service, which could allow customers to consume internet at speeds up to 500 megabytes per second — fast enough to download a 100 gigabyte movie in just two minutes.

AT&T, Fuentes said, will accelerate its wireless build-out plans in the state with “tens of millions of dollars dedicated to mobile network enhancements.”

In March, AT&T spent $2 million just to expand its network in time for the NCAA Final Four basketball tournament, which was hosted in Glendale.

Jack W. Lunsford, the president and CEO of the Arizona Small Business Association, said Arizona needs companies that “invest through thoughtful innovation” in order for the state to “continue to thrive and serve its residents.”

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