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Student tricks school officials into reciting Smash Mouth lyrics in senior prank

Some high school senior pranks are simple and have been done many times before, but this prank was brilliant and well thought-out.

Texas high school senior Ryan Storch told his principal and assistant principals that a family friend who is a psychologist was doing a “stress test” for the University of Dallas and needed some volunteers.

The administrators were put in a studio and had to read random words on a teleprompter in front of a camera to assess if they were stressed out just by the tone of their voices.

What they did not realize was that each word they were reading was a lyric from Smash Mouth’s song “All-Star” in a random order and that there was no test at all.

Storch edited all of videos of them speaking into a compilation YouTube video, which makes it seem like the administrators were singing along.

The video starts by showing the beginning scenes of the movie “Shrek,” in which the song was popularly featured.

Storch jokingly said he was sorry about the prank. At the end of the video, he asked for the school to still let him participate in his graduation ceremony.

According to Storch, in the comments section of the video he said the administrators all loved it and even his school’s superintendent gave him a hug.

Well played, Storch, well played.

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