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YouTuber builds own iPhone using parts bought in Chinese markets

Getting a new iPhone is an exciting experience, at least until that bill for several hundred dollars slides across the counter.

An American YouTuber who travels to China often may have the solution for those looking to pinch a couple of pennies, but it’s going to take some technical know-how and — obviously — a plane ticket to Asia.

Scotty Allen said he and a group of friends wondered how much it would cost to assemble a working iPhone using refurbished parts bought in Chinese markets. He decided to take on the task and build his own, though he sad he had only “dabbled” in making electronics.

Allen was able to acquire everything needed to build the phone — including the case, screen, logic board and even the screws to put it all together — from the markets.

It took him two months, but he built the entire phone for around $300. However, he told BuzzFeed that it took a while to build and he spent more than $1,000 on additional parts and tools he did not need.

While we applaud Allen’s determination and drive, we think we’ll skip the flight to China and just pony up the money for a phone whenever our contract is up.

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