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North Korea first test of President Trump according to John McCain


The recent tensions on the Korean peninsula are going to be the first major test of President Donald Trump according to Arizona senator John McCain.

McCain, who appeared Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press said North Korea leader Kim Jon Un is not rational compared to his father and grandfather and that a military option may not be a good thing because of the proximity of North Korean artillery to Seoul, South Korea.

“This could be the first real test of the Trump presidency,” McCain said.

On Saturday North Korea had a failed missile test that exploded during launch and came a day after the celebrations of the country’s founder Kim II Sung on what would’ve been his 105th birthday.

Recently Trump has stated the country is a problem and if China, North Korea’s closest ally doesn’t do anything about it than the US will go at it alone. The president has also ordered a carrier strike force to the area and the US and South Korea militaries have been conducting joint exercises.

McCain also praised Trump’s recent strike against Syria after Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons on his own people and the use of a bunker-buster bomb in Afganistan against ISIS fighters.

“There’s a difference between being a candidate and having the guy behind you with the (nuclear) codes,” McCain said. “I think he is growing. He is listening to some very wise and intelligence people. I support what he did and I support the bunker buster bomb, but we have to develop a strategy. There’s still not an overall strategy that he can come to congress and his advisors and say, ‘Here’s how we are going to handle Syria. Here’s how we are going to handle post-Mosul Iraq. We have to have a strategy and I’ll give them more time but so far that strategy is not apparent.”