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Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs can take the town hall shouting, thanks

LISTEN: Andy Biggs, Arizona Congressman

PHOENIX — Anytime a politician gets up in front of a town hall crowd, there is always a chance he or she is going to get an earful. Lately, Republican lawmakers have been hearing it loudly from frustrated voters.

“I think (one time GOP presidential candidate) Mike Huckabee said it best — ‘Politics is blood sport, and if you don’t like the sight of your own blood you ought not to be in it,’ ” freshman U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) told KTAR’s Arizona’s Morning News on Friday.

Biggs was one of many public servants around the country to endure feistiness from attendees at a town hall.

He spoke to constituents in Mesa earlier this week at a church, just a couple days before U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake dealt with another rambunctious group in Mesa.

“I actually had a great time the other night,” Biggs said. He got applause as well as boos Tuesday.

“You get to hear people’s views. They’re different than yours, they’re different than mine, they’re not ever going to vote for me, but getting out there and meeting with constituents is a great opportunity to air some laundry.”

The former state senator has been listening — he’s participated in teleconference town halls and has a town hall scheduled Friday at Sun Lakes Country Club in Chandler.

He posted thanks to the Tuesday crowd on Facebook.

Three months into his term, Biggs said the job is “very similar to what I thought it would be — same pressures put on you … same groups tend to form, same kind of debates and arguments.

“Some people are about politics, some people are about policy and some people aren’t about anything.”

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