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Man goes on Europe’s fastest roller coaster, gets hit by bird

Ferrari Land, a theme park recently opened an hour outside of Barcelona, Spain, has 11 attractions, and one of them is the fastest roller coaster in Europe.

The ride takes visitors from zero to 112 miles per hour in five seconds, providing a bevy of silly images of the wind blasting in people’s faces as they zoom by on the ride.

One of those images, however, is even more shocking than imagined.

A man and his buddy appear to be having a great time, messing around with how many hands they will use to hold on as the ride reaches speed. The man on the left’s experience drastically changes, though, when a bird smashes into his neck.

The man couldn’t register what had happened until he saw the bird, still on his shoulder, and shrieked in horror as it flew away.

Credit to the man hit by the bird, as he tries his best to have fun for the last few seconds of the ride on the last fall.

He then further explains to the people around him what happened, clearly distraught by what had occurred.

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