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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ gets the hilarious ‘Bad Lip Reading’ treatment

Lip reading can be a powerful skill, and not just for somebody who has a hard time hearing.

Having the ability to look across the room and see if your boss is talking poorly about you, or being able to watch a movie with the sound off because you have a sleeping newborn baby are perfect examples.

Lip reading can be a challenge, because a lot of what comes out of people’s mouths may look the same. “Rabbit” might look like “rabid” or “peach” might look like “pooch.”

Sentences can be changed and the whole meaning of conversations can be altered because of similar looking words.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens got that “Bad Lip Reading” treatment.

Instead of talking about saving the galaxy, Han Solo and Princess Leia talk about frappes, while Chewbacca has an interesting moment to say the least with someone rubbing his chest.

Imagine watching a whole Star Wars movie with bad lip reading.

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