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Discussing school vouchers and solar energy in Arizona

(AP Photos)

This week, the Arizona Legislature voted to expand the use of vouchers to permit more parents to send their children to private schools with public funding. Their local public schools will be deprived of relevant state school aid as a result of this choice.

Proponents say the vouchers will help improve education by expanding choice. Others have expressed alarm that the practice is stripping funding from public schools that are already grossly underfunded.

This week’s guests:

  • Rob O’Dell, who has written extensively on school vouchers in reports for the Arizona Republic.
  • Chris Kotterman, the director of government relations for the Arizona School Boards Association.

In the second half of the show, we check back in with Nick Brown, who was elected to the SRP Board of Directors last year on a pro-solar reform platform. He ran for the board knowing his would be a minority position, but he hoped to win converts to some of his positions among existing board members.

How did that work out? What is the status of solar energy trends in Arizona?