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Small toys and small children can cause big problems for parents, expert warns

PHOENIX — Little kids and little toys don’t always go together as well as parents might think, according to Dr. Cara Christ, the director of the Arizona Department of Health Services.

“[Parents] want to make sure the toys are age-appropriate, that you’re not giving children that are going to be more prone to putting things in their mouth small toys,” Christ said.

Christ also warned parents to be aware of the age restrictions on toys and to remember that they are there for a reason, mainly to prevent little kids from choking on the smaller parts.

Parents should also ensure that the battery on electronic toys either screws in or locks, so children cannot access the batteries because “batteries can be especially dangerous,” Christ said.

But Christ said the toy itself is not just a hazard for children, but also the packaging that it comes in.

Kids like to play with the packaging almost as much as they like to play with the toys, Christ warned, adding there can be small parts and choking hazards that parents should watch out for.

“So you want to make sure as they’re done unwrapping [the toy], that [the packaging] gets thrown away,” she said.

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