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British man goes full Iron Man, builds jet-pack suit

Humans have long had an infatuation with flight. Like the superheroes we see in comic books or on the big screen, perhaps it’s a pipe dream to soar through the sky like Superman or Iron Man.

For one entrepreneur, that pipe dream became reality.

Sort of.

A video of a British man named Richard Browning trying out his home-built jet suit went viral. It shows Browning placing small jet engines in different locations on his body, hopping about as the jets propelled him a few feet into the air.

He appears to be marketing it as a product called “Gravity,” an ironic name for a product intended to defy the physical law that literally keeps people grounded.

Who knows whether these suits, reminiscent of Iron Man, will come to commercial fruition in the United States. But either way, it looks like fun.

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