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Phoenix service animal makes list of ‘Dogs Who Changed the World’

(Courtesy of Ben Kaplan)

A dog in the Phoenix area named Bliss became one of 15 canines honored for their “extraordinary impact” on people’s lives.

Bliss was selected by Milk-Bone, a dog snack company, for her service to a young girl. A spokesperson for Milk-Bone said Bliss’ handler, Beth, has a daughter in a wheelchair who is adjusting to life in middle school.

The Golden Labrador can pick up dropped items, cuddle with Beth’s daughter and keep her safe at school. Bliss is also said to be able to open doors, provide comfort or grab cell phones if necessary, among other skills.

Bliss is a top graduate of the Canine Assistants school that trains high-functioning service dogs. That school has paired more than 2,000 dogs with people across the U.S.

But among those 2,000 is at least one in the Phoenix area, impacting the life of a middle schooler who can enjoy a helpful companion.

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