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Top April Fools’ Day jokes range from pools in aircrafts to extreme food delivery

As always, the internet was locked, loaded and ready to go for April Fools’ Day. There were plenty of pranks to choose from, ranging from celebrities running for office to a new version of Google Home called “Google Gnome.”

The folks at seamless and Grubhub, who specialize in food delivery, introduced their new delivery method called “DELIVERY X.” The new service also had a slogan: “Experience food delivery without limits.”

Next, if you haven’t been following along with Oreos lately, there’s been a handful of variations, ranging from peanut butter to cookie dough. Now, for those who feel the best part of the oreo is the creme in the middle, you’re in luck!

This tweet from someone not affiliated with Oreo was a day early and trying to catch everyone off guard, but they are indeed not real.

Lastly, the folks at Emirates went all-out for their joke, showing prototype pictures of a new aircraft that would be largest commercial aircraft in the world.

Who wouldn’t love going for a swim or shooting some pool up in the sky? Well, unless there’s turbulence, then you might want to pass.

For those who can’t get enough of the pranks, Buzzfeed put together a list of all the internet’s fooling around.

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