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Gilbert Police makes ‘important announcement’ on April Fools Day

We should have seen it coming.

On Friday evening, the Gilbert Police Department tweeted that it would be making an important announcement on Saturday morning.

The vague tweet left more questions than answers, but when Saturday morning rolled around, the Department seemed pleased to announce its first “air unit.”

“I’m proud to announce the creation of our first Gilbert air group,” said Chief Randy Brice. “This unit will include a number of special operations teams and one air unit, known as Raptor One.”

Sounds like a helicopter, right?

“There are many benefits to this group, including tactical support for SWAT and other special operations,” Brice continued. “This unit’s keen vision and special tracking capabilities provides exceptional overlook in officer safety support.”

In the video, Brice concluded that the air unit was landing — and then a literal bird showed up.

They had us fooled.

The prank came with help from the Phoenix Zoo, which provided the King Vulture named Manchu, according to Gilbert PD via Twitter.

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