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Teacher’s fake spelling test receives priceless reaction from students

At a certain age, kids are very susceptible. One teacher proved that to be the case, giving out a fake spelling test with ridiculous words.

The fourth-grade teacher, Joe Drombrowski, is known for his April Fools’ Day jokes, but this one was at the top.

At first, the students don’t have much of a reaction to the first word, blorskee. Once the kids got to speekuzslmn, however, they started outwardly disputing the claims of Drombrowski and these supposed words with silent letters.

The best reactions may not be the ones they got wrong, though, as several students celebrate after spelling slipert right.

Once the kids got to the last two words, they were clearly over spelling for the day. Shabolaskp, using three silent letters, and GÜRRR, involving an umlaut mark over the U, sent the kids over the edge.

After a student in the background tries to figure out what even an umlaut is, Drombrowski reveals it’s an April Fools joke, enraging the students who seem to be aware of their teacher’s habit of pranks.

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