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America’s activists are taking the United Airlines leggings controversy too far

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Do me a favor: As you read this, start thinking about what’s really important to you, what’s important to America and, for that matter, what’s important to the world.

You’ll need to have something in mind because we’re going to play a little fill-in-the-blank soon.

On Sunday, United Airlines turned away a couple of girls from a Denver-to-Minneapolis flight because they were wearing leggings. This was followed by social media outrage!

I don’t get it either; the reaction to United’s dress code or leggings. My wife is obsessed with them. She’s even started exploring storage solutions so that leggings don’t take up her entire dresser.

But back to our story of social injustice.

The girls found something to change into and were able to catch the next flight to the Twin Cities.

Not good enough, society!

Activist Shannon Watts witnessed the tragedy and said the girls’ father was allowed to board while wearing shorts. So, obviously, the airline’s policy is sexist.

Author Dana Schwartz asked women to share stories of how they felt “embarrassed” or “sexualized” by their outfits.

Actress Patricia Arquette tweeted “Do U understand U have just made at least half UR customers very unhappy?”

And Sarah Silverman said she’s changing all of her United flights for an upcoming tour because of leggings!

United reminded their regular passengers that they’re welcome to wear leggings. The girls were not allowed to wear leggings because they were flying for free compliments of a United Airlines employee and the company doesn’t let employees and their freebie family members wear spandex or Lycra pants.

The same goes for flip-flops, clothes that reveal undergarments and torn or tattered jeans.

So here’s where we get to fill in the blank. Write down these facts:

  • $19 trillion in debt
  • Facing global terrorism
  • A broken healthcare system

And then follow it with “…and we’re freaking out about leggings on an airplane.”

OK, maybe I’m being a little dramatic — and maybe United Airlines’ employee dress code is as well — but America’s legging activists are definitely taking this too far.

There’s nothing sexist about this. If I were in this same situation, I wouldn’t be allowed to wear leggings either, even if I were Richard Simmons.


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