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How the mainstream media is using the politics of obsession to take on Donald Trump

The mainstream media and the left are absolutely obsessed with trying to prove at all costs and decency that there simply has to be a link between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia.

The US intelligence community has put in their two cents and determined, based on absolutely nothing in particular, except Hillary Clinton’s overwhelmingly huge and unexpected loss to Trump, that Russia’s goals were to undermine Clinton’s campaign while bolstering that of Trump’s when he was on the defensive and to undermine faith in the U.S. elections.

FBI Director James Comey put blood into the water this week when he announced that there will be a probe into the alleged hacking of the 2016 election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign, thus whipping the media and the left further into a frenzied gleeful state.

Comey further ignited the hopes for a failed Trump presidency among his detractors by dismissing Trump’s allegations that he was wiretapped by the Obama administration, giving the mainstream media open fodder to call our president a liar and deranged, even though there are in fact articles written that back accounts that Trump’s campaign was indeed under surveillance.

Why such disparity in what the intelligence community seeks to prove and what they choose to ignore? (May I remind you of Clinton’s servers and emails?)

President Trump did receive some vindication on his claims of wiretapping by the Obama administration when he met with the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes Wednesday at the White House. It seemed he is keeping his information very close to the vest by saying he believes the intelligence collections were done legally but that identities of Trump officials and the content of such communications “may” have been dispersed inappropriately in intelligence reports.

We could ask that about the media as well but I think we already know that much of the media is blatantly on the side of the left. But what about our intelligence community? Could it be they too have become politicized?

I remember a tweet celebrating Comey’s announcement, it said, “To believe Trump on wire-tapping at this point you have to believe that James Comey is lying in a public congressional hearing.”

OK, I’ll bite. Is he?

The FBI and CIA, the highest levels of our law enforcement agencies, along with the members of the House Intelligence Committee, have been able to hide behind an image of being American institutions that are too sacred to dare call into question.

But question we must.

What we’re seeing is selective investigations used to discredit the election of Trump while ignoring glaring abuses of power by Clinton and the Obama administration.

Let’s take this a step further: The FBI is also investigating Russian media.

The allegations here are that the Russians have been using the “alt-right’ media to, you guessed it, influence the election in favor of Trump.

In this latest chapter of the FBI Russian influence probes, federal investigators are looking at the “far-right” Breitbart and InfoWars sites to see if they played any role last year in a Russian cyber operations that they are claiming dramatically increased the reach of their news stories (real news as well as supposedly all the fake news, of course) that favored Trump and harmed Clinton during the election process.

Supposedly, Russian operatives at strategic times had computer commands in place through bots to blast Twitter and Facebook with links to these pro-Trump stories when Trump was in need of defense against Clinton.

This shows not only how hard the left is working to discredit Trump’s presidency, but how they are working equally as hard to discredit any alternate news sources who stand with Trump and are not afraid to speak the truth.

This to me is making a very strong case that our intelligence community is in fact politicized along with our media, the supposed guard dogs of the people. They are the guilty parties that are colluding against the American people to keep us in the dark as they try to pass their liberal agenda using each other to that means.

I agree with Marine Le Pen of France as she reminds us that, “The divide is not between the left and the right anymore, but between patriots and globalists.”

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