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Rachel Maddow’s tax return release her latest move to help Donald Trump

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Wow! MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow sure loves her some Donald Trump, doesn’t she?

Think about it: Her pre-Election Day rants railing on then-nominee Trump, lecturing anyone who would even consider voting for candidate Trump and making them feel like the lowest common denominator ultimately turned a lot of voters from Hillary Clinton to Trump.

That’s right: The elitist left spent so much time making fun of, lecturing, insulting and degrading middle America that they ultimately rallied that base behind the Democrat’s top enemy.

Now that Trump is president — big thanks to Maddow and her crew — MSNBC has spent the last three months scratching their heads and lambasting every word, every tweet and every move by Trump.

Maddow has established herself as the leader of the anti-Trump movement at MSNBC. She’s so left you’ll have to look right to see her. Don’t worry, you’ll get that later.

Tuesday night, in an attempt to finally expose Trump for the evil, money-grubbing man that she claims he is, she said she finally had Trump’s tax returns and she was going to present them on her program.

It turns out that she had a copy of his 2005 tax returns. Those returns showed that he made more than $150 million and paid more than $35 million in taxes. That’s a 24 percent tax rate.

In other words, Maddow exposed Trump as a good, rule-following, tax-paying citizen of the United States of America.

So there you have it: Maddow HAS to love Trump! It is the only explanation for her driving so many voters to the Trump camp and then taking the one case Democrats had against him, lighting it on fire in front of everyone on national cable news and making Trump look like Captain America.

Thanks, Rachel!

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