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Adorable children interrupt dad’s live interview on BBC

As most people have experienced, something always seems to go wonky when you’re trying to communicate through technology.

Maybe the app you’re using won’t cooperate. Maybe the camera isn’t facing the right way.

Or maybe your kids come strolling into the room during a live interview on the BBC.

According to E! News, Robert Kelly, a political science professor at Pusan National University in South Korea, was being interviewed by the BBC through Skype when his daughter decided to see what her dad was up to.

The little girl walks into the room and spots her dad on the computer and does a half-walk, half-dance over and immediately stares into the camera.

Kelly tries to get a grip on the situation while urging his daughter to go away and that’s when things get really good. A baby in a walker comes cruising in to join the party.

The interviewer laughed, saying “I think one of your children’s just walked in.”

It’s at this moment a frantic woman comes running into the room and drags the children out, albeit with some difficulty. It’s easy to hear the clunks as the baby’s walker gets stuck on the door and, if you listen closely, one of the children starts crying as soon as the door closes.

It was awkward. It was adorable. It was hilarious.