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College student uses juggling routine to get out of traffic stop

We’ve all been there: You’re driving home at night when, all of a sudden, the red and blue lights start flashing in the rear-view mirror.

There’s a police officer pulling up behind you and all you can think of is, “Man, I really can’t afford a ticket!”

Of course, we’ve all tried to give an excuse as to why we were speeding, failed to signal or something else, but the interaction usually ends with us holding an expensive slip of paper.

But when police pulled over a student at the University of Central Arkansas recently, things went a little different.

Officers spotted someone driving slowly with a brake light out and believed the driver may have been drinking, especially when he almost clipped a curb.

However, when they pulled him over, the officers learned that he was studying at the library and knew his brake light was out, which is why he was driving slow.

When police saw that his license plate said “juggler,” they asked him about it. As it turned out, the man they pulled over was both a magician and juggler and gave the officers a roadside show.

The traffic stop ended with a few laughs and handshakes all around.

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