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Dave Ramsey says: Warehouse grocery clubs have great deals, but shop wisely

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Dear Dave,

I know you’re big on bargains and saving money. How do you feel about warehouse clubs, like Costco and Sam’s Club?

— Jessica

Dear Jessica,

We have both of those in our neighborhood, and I’m a big fan.

There are definitely some good buys and great bargains to be had in places like that. To be honest, my wife is probably a bigger fan than I am. I suspect we save more money from her trips than mine to those spots.

I will advise you to watch your spending carefully in warehouse clubs.

Most people overbuy in situations like that, especially those of us who are spenders by nature.

Believe it or not, I’m a spender by nature. To this day, if I’m not careful, I’m still bad about buying things I don’t need – or too much of the things I do need – in warehouse clubs.

Have fun in there, and make sure you find some steals on smart things you can stock up on. Just don’t go crazy and wreck your budget by overspending!

— Dave

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