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Significance of Day Without Immigrants protest getting lost in other protest noise

High school senior Vicky Sosa holds a sign outside the Grayson County courthouse in downtown Sherman, Texas, Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017. In an action called "A Day Without Immigrants," immigrants across the country are expected to stay home from school, work and close businesses to show how critical they are to the U.S. economy and way of life. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

A national protest called A Day Without Immigrants is being held across the United States on Thursday.

Immigrants and non-immigrants alike are taking the day off to protest in cities from coast to coast. I guess this is supposed to teach us all what life would be like if they weren’t doing their jobs here in America.

The problem is, no one is going to care. There, I said it: No one is going to care. We will all drive to work, we will all do our jobs, we will drive home and do it all over again the next day as if nothing ever happened.

And do you know who’s fault that is? The protesters!

You see, I applaud these protests. I applaud this sentiment. This is our nation’s First Amendment right. I just wish it was being done right.

There have been seemingly endless protest over the last four weeks, but because of the sheer number, we have all become numb to it.

Let me drive it home for the Democrats out there: Not a lot of Republicans are out protesting.

After former President Barack Obama’s win in 2008, the head of the Democratic National Committee, Howard Dean, announced that his party would begin a perpetual campaign. He meant the party intended to stay in our mugs and campaign every single day.

And they did. We saw Obama speak almost every day of his presidency. Do you remember before Obama, when the president came on TV, everyone stood still and listened? That was a big deal. It was probably something very important.

But after seeing the president almost daily, it just became white noise. It lost its impact.

And Obama was exiting the White House, he claimed that his biggest failure was not being able to communicate his policies properly. I think we know why: Everyone stopped listening.

These protests have become the same thing. There have been so many protests that the message or impact is lost. Now it is just something to plan on messing up our commute.

If I could give some advice, from the other side of the ball, to all of you perpetual protesters, it’s time to sit a few plays out. That way, when you actually protest, someone will actually pay attention because it is rare, it has meaning and it separates itself from the white noise of the other protests.

If that didn’t sink in, maybe I wasn’t speaking your language. Try this: #sitafewplaysout #yourmessageisbeingdrownedout #youredoingitwrong #yourejustannoyingpeoplenow #getyouracttogether

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