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Arizona Sen. John McCain pokes fun at Ashton Kutcher during Senate testimony

Life on Capitol Hill has been quite stressful for Arizona Sen. John McCain lately.

From sparring with the White House over a deadly military raid in Yemen, to pushing back against President Donald Trump’s border wall pay plan, to raising questions about Trump’s intentions with Russia, the senior Republican senator has made his fair share of headlines this administration.

But McCain decided to have a little fun with Ashton Kutcher, as the actor testified in front of a Congressional committee on Wednesday to discuss efforts to end human trafficking.

McCain was thanking the former “Two and a Half Men” actor for his involvement in the issue as a co-founder of Thorn, a non-profit organization that fights against the sexual exploitation of children, when he decided to poke some fun at him.

“Ashton, you were better looking in the movies,” McCain said, prompting Kutcher to respond with an air kiss in what was arguably the lightest moment of the testimony.

At one point during Wednesday’s testimony, Kutcher began to choke up as he testified about a video where an American man raped a Cambodian child “that’s about the same age as mine” and the child was conditioned to think that the behavior was play.

But this isn’t the first time McCain tried to lighten the mood on the Hill: In early February, the senator was caught on camera giving the horns to CNN reporter Manu Raju.

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