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Phoenix-area firefighters warn of household items that could be fire dangers

PHOENIX — When it comes to fire safety, Phoenix-area firefighters are warning parents of some imminent dangers in the home that may go unnoticed.

Ashley Losch, a spokeswoman for the Glendale Fire Department, said scented wall plug-ins and overheated phone and laptop chargers are just a few of the ordinary household items that could also cause fires.

Losch said scented wall plug-ins can “easily catch fire once the scent runs out,” and overheated phone and laptop chargers could become dangerous if they come in contact with fabrics on couches or beds.

Parents should also be aware of their surroundings while they are cooking, especially if their young one wants to be a little helper.

“Kids want to help you cook,” Losch said. “When you’ve got pot handles turned out, they reach up and then the hot oil or the hot water goes all over them.”

Parents who want to learn more about fire prevention should look into the city’s Youth Firesetter Intervention Program, Losch said, which teaches children about the consequences from playing with fire.

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