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Chandler police hoping public has clues to solve man’s Halloween murder

The victim, Douglas Miguel, is shown. (Silent Witness Photo)

Douglas Miguel was murdered on Oct. 30, 2000, but for his family, it still feels like yesterday.

“They talk about him nearly every day,” Chandler Police detective Cassandra Ynclan said. “He’s still part of their lives.”

Miguel, 33, and his two sisters were celebrating Halloween at Pecos Lounge near Pecos Road and Arizona Avenue.

He was last seen around 2 or 2:30 a.m. with a baby-faced guy that everyone knew by the name of Puma.

“We don’t know his real name but he had a distinctive band-like tattoo above his right elbow that you’d be able to see in a short-sleeved shirt,” Ynclan said.

Miguel was from the Gila River Indian Community. He was very close with his mother and all of his siblings and had lots of friends. He was described as happy-go-lucky and nice.

The man known as Puma is not a suspect. He’s being called an investigative lead and detectives need to talk to him.  The smallest detail, even one you might think is insignificant, could be helpful.

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