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Phoenix-based photographer shares her admiration for sunsets in YouTube video

PHOENIX — For residents in Phoenix, a beautiful desert sunset is nothing new. We’re so spoiled by the authentic beauty of the desert that we often do not take the time to appreciate it.

But for Phoenix-based photographer Madison Kirkman, each sunset is a new opportunity to create dramatic and heartwarming art.

A photo posted by Madison Kirkman (@kirkman.jpg) on

In an advertisement for Visit Phoenix, Kirkman explains that her favorite part about Phoenix is how accessible it is to view sunsets from “a bunch of places that you can get to really quickly and easily.”

When it comes to actually taking a photo, Kirkman said she picks a “foreground that gives [the sunset] a lot more depth and interest.”

“I guess the thing that makes Phoenix sunsets so beautiful is that you get these colors that Western paintings are made of,” Kirkman said.

“It’s really not as much about the photo as it is about the moment and the experience of sitting and watching a beautiful sunset in Phoenix,” Kirkman continued. “That’s a really special thing, that not every city gets to enjoy how beautiful the desert is.”

What are you waiting for? Go outside and take some beautiful desert sunset photographs of your own.

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