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Stevie Wonder surprises artist, sings ‘Superstition’ with him

Who do you call when you forget the rest of words to “Superstition?” You could always call on Stevie Wonder himself to help you out.

In this video, Stevie Wonder surprised an artist at a National Association of Music Merchants show in Anaheim, California on Saturday and sang his song with him.

The guy began to sing and play the song on acoustic, but after the first verse, he realized and embarrassingly admitted he did not know all the lyrics.

Stevie came on stage and said they would sing it together, and he would help the guy with the parts he did not remember.

After the duo finished, the artist said, “You guys know I can’t play after that, c’mon. I got to continue my set? Life made.”

He can definitely put “I performed with Stevie Wonder” on his resume now.

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