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Internet cannot stop laughing as polar bear keeps falling in hilarious outtakes

Sometimes, when you make a commercial, everything goes smoothly.

The actors hit their lines, the filming process goes smoothly and even the catering is on point.

This commercial — or at least the outtakes from it — was not one of those.

White Bear Mitsubishi in Minnesota was making a commercial featuring its mascot, a white bear. The people behind the spot thought it would be a good idea to have the bear and a spokesperson walk across the ice at the University of Minnesota’s hockey rink, because the dealership is a sponsor.

What probably seemed like a good idea at the time quickly devolved into a hilarious outtakes video that has been shared nearly 100,000 times.

No matter how hard the person in the bear suit tried, the costume just proved too slippery for the ice. It’s even funnier considering the spokesman and Minnesota mascot seem to have no issues keeping their footing.

But there is good news: It seemed like everyone enjoyed their time on set, as there are plenty of laughs in addition to the falls.

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