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Liam Neeson may be the most terrifying Santa audition ever

Santa is always portrayed as a jolly old elf, someone we should all be happy is coming into our homes and dropping off gifts.

But after seeing Liam Neeson audition for the role, we’re not so sure.

Now, we’re sure Neeson is probably a pretty good guy in real life, but in this audition for “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” he’s downright terrifying.

Neeson points out all the creepy aspect of Santa and really likes to let us know that Kris Kringle is watching us at all times.

Also, we have bad news for the naughty kids out there: If Neeson gets the Santa gig, you are definitely not getting gifts.

And if you know the famed reindeer that ran over Grandma, you should probably let them know they need to go into hiding. We heard Neeson’s Santa has a very special set of skills that make people like him and nightmare for people like that reindeer.

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