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Get in a ‘Star Wars’ mood with this touching ‘Rogue One’ ad

With “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” set to be released this week, a lot of people are in a “Star Wars” kind of mood.

But for those who aren’t, a Filipino telecommunications company’s new ad is sure to get you in a mood for space adventures and also to support those around you.

The ad from Globe Telecom features a pair of siblings, one of whom is constantly wearing a stormtrooper helmet. The young girl does everything in the helmet, from going to school to dancing at home.

But there’s more to the helmet than meets the eye. She has a health condition and uses the helmet to hide it.

But when the trailer for “Rogue One” is released, her class decides to support her and assembles the most adorable and touching little group of stormtroopers the internet has ever seen.

In case you’re unaware, “Rogue One” will be released on Friday.

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