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In-N-Out most popular fast-food restaurant check-in on Foursquare in Arizona

Screenshot (Business Insider)

PHOENIX — If you’re in Arizona looking to grab a burger in a hurry and use the app Foursquare, chances are you’re going to In-N-Out.

Business Insider mapped out the most popular fast-food restaurant in every state based on the most check-ins on the app Foursquare, and in an unsurprising fashion, In-N-Out dominated the West Coast.

California, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico all crammed into the southwest of the United States with In-N-Out leading, while the chicken sandwich chain Chick-Fil-A owned a majority of the south and the entirety of the southeast.

McDonald’s did well in the north, while smaller, local chains such as Zippy’s Makiki in Hawaii, Culver’s in Wisconsin and Dick’s Drive-in in Washington did well in their specific states.

The only anomaly on the map outside of those more local chains appears to be McDonald’s in Kansas surrounded on a border of Chick-Fil-A states in the midwest.

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