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Arizona teenagers decorate cupcakes with swastikas at Jewish girl’s party

(Facebook Photo)

PHOENIX — The internet was outraged after two Arizona teenagers drew swastikas on cupcakes at a Jewish girl’s 14th birthday party.

The Daily Mail reported the anger began when the girl’s mother sent a photo of the cupcakes to a friend, Naomi Cooper Hochman, who posted it on Facebook last week.

“One of my sorority sisters, who is Jewish and lives in a diverse community in Arizona, hosted an intimate cupcake decorating party last night at her home for her daughter’s 14th birthday,” Hochman wrote in the post.

“Just some teen girls having fun baking and watching the ‘Princess Bride,’ right? Well — this is what two of the invited guests decided to put on a cupcake.”

The party was held in Paradise Valley, a suburb of Phoenix.

Hochman urged people to share the post, as she feels it is along the lines of several anti-Semitic incidents that have occurred since Donald Trump was elected to the presidency.

“Regardless of who you voted for, please don’t stay silent,” the post read. “Don’t stay quiet against hate while your children are watching. This, too is your patriotic duty.”

The Mail said the girl’s mother said the two offending party guests were chastised and claimed they were just making a joke, despite learning about World War II and the Holocaust in recent weeks.

The swastika, which originally represented peace, was adopted by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis as their primary symbol prior to the events of the war.

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