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When tragedy like the attack at Ohio State happens, parents should talk with their kids

With yet another attack on a school campus on Monday, this time at Ohio State, parents should be ready to talk to their kids about it.

“Often times children can suddenly feel unsafe in the world,” said David Knapp, certified grief mentor.

Kids of all ages see these tragedies everywhere when they happen, on the 24-hour news cycle or social media.

“The best thing to do is find out what do they know first,” he said.

There are likely some misunderstandings you can easily clear up first just by talking to them, he added.

“Honesty is the answer, if you don’t know, just say ‘I don’t know why someone would do that,’” Knapp said. “Some people are disturbed, other people are mad at the world, some are very lonely and they need to get attention.”

Help them feel safe and remember, they’re also watching how you handle it, he said.

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