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OK Go’s latest music video filmed only one moment in under 30 seconds

The American rock band OK Go has always found ways to be innovative with their music videos.

Earlier in the year, they shot a video in a plane in real time with zero gravity. In 2012, they used a car in a remarkably unique way to play the music from their song.

Of course, the group is infamous for their “Here It Goes Again” video when the group of four performed a synchronized routine using eight treadmills in one take.

For “The One Moment” video, it opens with a quick moment featuring flipbooks and various items self-combusting such as guitars, giant paintballs and a wall of balloons. The moment only lasts 4.2 seconds, but most of the video proceeds to then replay it sped up and slowed down over its duration.

The size of the room is revealed as one member grabs an umbrella while three different members soar through the air and get soaked with paint.

The end image is for Morton Salt and the #WalkHerWalk campaign, a new initiative by the company in order to make a positive impact on the world.

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