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Annual check-ups cover more than just your kids health

While kids are out for holiday breaks, take them to the doctor. A lot more than just health is covered at annual check-ups.

“From the time a baby is born all the way up until adulthood, they go through a lot of changes,” said Dr. Aaron Gomez, pediatrician at Banner Children’s Hospital in Mesa.

“A lot of hormonal changes, a lot of growth changes and a lot of development changes,” he explained.

Parents should remember to be prepared with shot records, treatments for any current ailments and always be prepared to ask questions.

“‘Are there some worries or warning signs that you’ve had?'” he said. “‘Are there things that the teacher may have brought up that they’re concerned about that we should be talking about right now?'”

A pediatrician’s territory covers more than just physical health.

“We cover mental health, we cover development, we cover their learning,” he said. “And a lot of times, these can all be tied into one thing.”

“And if we start early, we can get your child some help,” he added.