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Yes! Thanksgiving weekend will be nice, sunny in Phoenix

(Pexels Photo)

PHOENIX — If your Thanksgiving plans call for anything outdoors, the weather will certainly not be an issue.

The National Weather Service’s forecast calls for a very nice and sunny weekend in Phoenix, with highs in the mid-70s and lows hovering around 50 degrees.

The weather service said things will begin to cool off in Phoenix on Monday, as highs will drop into the 60s and lows will fall into the 40s. The slight drop in temperatures is not expected to bring any rain.

Those heading north to celebrate the Thanksgiving weekend will be in for a cooler, clear weekend. Highs are expected to be about 50 degrees, while overnight lows will hover around 25 degrees.

However, there is a slight chance of snow in Flagstaff on Sunday night that continues into early next week. The storm will drop highs to the low 40s.

The nice temperatures rolled into the state Monday as Phoenix was hit with showers and snow fell in northern Arizona. A slight warming trend had highs in the 80s in the Valley last weekend, while Flagstaff topped 60 degrees on Saturday.

Despite the weather, Arizona Snowbowl was able to open up for the ski season on Saturday after Mother Nature forced it to delay several times.

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