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1st death reported in San Diego County wildfires

As several wildfires continue to rage throughout San Diego County in California, ABC News reports there has been at least one death as a result of the blazes.

CNN reports eight fires continued to burn Thursday “in a patchwork” across the county. More than 10,000 acres have been affected since the the first fire appeared Tuesday.

The first blaze, the Bernardo Fire, erupted Tuesday in San Diego County. The next day, a spate of new fires popped up — each one separate from one another, each posing its own dangers.

Disregarding the fires, the weather outside in the area hasn’t been friendly lately. Temperatures in the high-90s to low-100s have been reported. The state as a whole is still in the midst of a drought, with San Diego County among the hardest hit.

On top of the drought, the Santa Ana winds have helped many of these fires race, challenging the hundreds of firefighters on the ground and in the air. These are typical for October and November, but Cal Fire Assistant Region Chief Thom Porter notes, “we’ve had this kind of wind … every month this year.”

Investigators are still trying to confirm the cause of the blazes. San Diego County Supervisor Bill Horn told CNN he suspects some or all them may have been set off purposefully.