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Expert: Changing Arizona weather means its time for a heating inspection

(Pexels Photo)

PHOENIX — Cooler weather is finally coming to the Valley and heating and cooling experts said it’s likely a good time for homeowners to have their air conditioning unit checked to ensure it can keep your home warm.

Justin Hathaway of Howard Air said his company offers a 44-point inspection to his customers to make sure everything is ready.

“Basically it includes all of the major components in your system to make sure that all of them are performing within the manufacturers’ specifications.”

He especially thinks homeowners with natural gas should get an inspection.

“We want to make sure that we’re not going to have any safety issues, that everything is operating and performing correctly, and that there’s no [carbon dioxide] issues in the home,” Hathaway said.  “Anytime that there’s gas present, we’re going to go through a series of checks to make sure that there’s no leaks in the gas lines.”

Hathaway said the sooner homeowners act, the sooner they’ll be able to be sure their system is ready.

But with December and January typically being Arizona’s coldest months, things will begin getting busier. If homeowners wait until those months to call, they may have to wait at least 12 hours or so before a technician comes out.

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