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Fall gives summer the boot, cooler weather expected in Phoenix, across state

(Pexels Photo)

PHOENIX — It seems as if fall weather has finally put its foot down and demanded summer be over in Arizona.

The National Weather Service is calling for a high of just 71 degrees — that’s downright Arizona chilly, so grab your parkas, people — on Thursday and lows will drop down past 50.

This is after Phoenix saw near-record heat on Tuesday.

The agency said the drop in temperatures is because of a cold front moving into the state from California.

And it seems as if the cooler temperatures may be insist on staying.

The weather service is predicting a Friday high of 74 degrees with a low near 50.

Over the weekend, the mercury will creep up a bit and highs are expected to hover around 80 degrees.

However, things will get cool back off again beginning Sunday evening, when possible showers are expected to move into the area. Highs next week will be near 70 degrees.

But Phoenix won’t be the only city with dropping temperatures.

The weather service issued a hazardous weather outlook for Flagstaff. It said gusts as high as 55 mph are possible and temperatures will drop into the low teens at night.

However, the city will stay above freezing during the day. Highs are expected to be nearly 50 degrees.

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