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Incoming Arizona Speaker of the House wants popular vote to decide president

(AP Photo/Bob Christie)

PHOENIX — He’s a Republican and he voted for Donald Trump to lead the nation starting in January, but if it was up to him, Hillary Clinton would be making her victory rounds right now.

According to, incoming state House of Representatives Speaker J.D Mesnard isn’t a fan of how the president of the United States is elected. He wants the popular vote to decide the whole thing, and not just the Electoral College.

It has been reported that Clinton has won the popular vote in this year’s presidential election, but yet Trump will be the nation’s leader for the next four years. That’s because of how the country decides the race and the Electoral College, which is a part of the Constitution.

According to the same report, Mesnard doesn’t want to get rid of the Electoral College, but wants states to team up and make deals that whoever wins the national popular vote, that each state would be legally required to give its electoral votes to that person.

So even though more people voted for Trump in Arizona, if that deal was in place, Arizona would have to give all of its electoral votes to Clinton.

Mesnard thinks this is a better plan because of how discouraged he thinks some voters are in states that are almost guaranteed to vote either Democrat or Republican.

He doesn’t see it that Clinton would have won if it was decided by popular vote either. Using California as an example, he questioned how many Republican voters didn’t bother going to the polls at all, knowing their state would be voting for Clinton.

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