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Donuts or don’ts? Phoenix-area food becomes controversial

(Twitter Photo/@SKrafftFox10)

PHOENIX — There is plenty of controversy stemming from Tuesday night’s results of the presidential election across the nation, including some children who are very fearful of what’s going to happen next. One doughnut shop in the Phoenix area wanted to try and do something special from Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton, and what they did has upset some people.

According to FOX 10, a Dunkin’ Donuts in the Valley made their treats and added their own little design on top. There were two special doughnuts customers had a chance to buy; doughnuts that read ‘Trump’ and others that read ‘Wall.’

The ‘Wall’ doughnut is a reference to Trump’s repeated comments during his campaign that he is going to make sure a wall is built on the country’s south border, and even claimed that Mexico is going to pay for it.

With some fearing that families may be separated soon because of Trump’s rhetoric about minorities or that there could be an increase in deportations due to the election results, people are questioning why Dunkin’ Donuts chose to make light of the situation.

Dunkin’ Donuts responded to FOX 10’s inquiry and said they are taking “these matters seriously, and have notified the appropriate teams.”

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